About 21 Zebras

Phoenix Web Design & Digital Marketing

What We Do

We are a family-owned local business that serves clients within Phoenix, AZ and throughout the United States. We strive to help local businesses establish their complete online presence and dominate their local industry online. We are a one-stop-shop web design and digital marketing service that will ensure your business is promoted in every possible online platform, allowing you to generate revenue from online leads.

We value your time as a business owner and will handle your online presence so you can focus on the important things.

We Believe In Getting You Results

We track and analyze our progress every step of the way to ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of your budget. Every project we complete comes equipped with enhanced analytics and heatmap tracking, so you can increase your conversion rate and create the optimal experience for your customers. We will keep you up to date with bi-weekly or monthly reports depending on the chosen services.

Scaling Up Your Business

Once we have found the best sources for revenue through our marketing efforts, we focus on scaling up our processes to get you the best possible return of investment (ROI).

Customer Engagement

We love helping businesses build long-lasting professional relationships with their customers and clientele. This allows for unlimited growth and re-targeting opportunity when utilized properly.


We want all of our clients to be the best option for their customers online in their industry. We strive to get outstanding results, and we always ensure that your brand is represented online professionaly.