Twitter for Business: Testing Out A New 280 Character Limit

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    Twitter for Business: Testing Out A New 280 Character Limit

    Twitter has announced plans to test a change of their 140 character limit. The new limit being tested has been moved up to 280 characters. While posting with the new limit is currently only available to a small group of users at the moment, all users on the platform will be able to view and interact with these posts.

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    What languages will this new change apply to?

    Almost every language will see the character limit change with only three languages not seeing the change. Those three languages are Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. As you can see in the graph above, there is a huge difference in the amount of tweets that reach the 140 character limit in the English language compared to the Japanese language.

    Personal Twitter accounts may not notice a substantial difference if the character limit change becomes permanent, it will only really change how Twitter for business is used. Most users have become accustomed to the current limit and may not change the way they tweet other than using full words instead of abbreviations. Even with that, that could be an addition of five to ten characters on average.

    Will this impact how I use Twitter for business?

    The real impact will be felt across business accounts. Doubling the character count limit allows for more information per tweet. Businesses will have more flexibility with the actual content of a tweet without having to sacrifice to allow for important business information to be included in a tweet.

    With only 9% of tweets in the English language reaching the current 140 character count limit, it seems like an almost unnecessary change. Could Twitter be implementing this character limit increase to attract more advertisers? It certainly seems like this is the case and could be a great move for the future of the company.



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