Local & National SEO

21 Zebras will help your business establish a dominant online presence in your industry. We use a variety of advanced marketing techniques to rank your website for both local and national keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Is your business taking advantage of the massive social media market share? 21 Zebras will help you communicate and build a professional relationship with thousands of social media users.

Website Creation & Design

If your business does not have a website, then you are missing out on thousands of potential customers. Let 21 Zebras make sure you are found when people search online for your services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet Marketing

21 Zebras Internet Marketing specializes in Phoenix SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have full working knowledge of all of the latest techniques and procedures to rank your website not only on the first page, but also for the first entry. These hits are real consumers visiting your website, checking your services, and ultimately deciding if they want to do business with you.

Introduction To SEO

Every day 91 million Google searches are done. Yahoo receives about 60 million hits. On the average Google result page there are millions of sites. The results of a Google search are ranked according to a formula known only to Google Inc. This formula ranks websites according to many factors and its main purpose is to ensure the most relevant and popular websites are at the top of the results, and are the websites that the person doing the search will see first. Why does this matter? According to Google, 36.4% of all searches go to the first website ranked in Google, 12.5% goes to the second entry, and 9.5% to the third entry. The last percentage of “hits” goes to the rest of the possible millions of other entries. Contact us now for a free consultation on Phoenix SEO for your business.

National SEO

National SEO, on the other hand, deals with one or two work keywords that generate mass amounts of traffic but are more difficult to rank for. Going back to our pizza parlor example, instead of searching for local keywords, you would target keywords like "good pizza" or "deep dish pizza". National SEO projects are a much larger project, but can result in thousands of visitors to your company's site each day.

E-Commerce SEO

There are multiple techniques we use to approach SEO for e-commerce websites, each of which bring direct targeted traffic to you home page and product landing pages. One of our methods would be to rank your home page for niche-specific general keywords. A more targeted approach would involve optimizing the on-page SEO for each specific product that receives searches, and ranking them for their own product names.

Social Media Marketing

As of January 1st, 2012, the social networking website Facebook had over 845 million active users. All of those users spend an average of 46 minutes per day on Facebook. Today the impact of social media can be seen in almost every aspect of life and business and shopping are no exception. If you wish to stay on top of the competition, having a social media account to advertise your business can bring in many customers. A daily update on twitter with a useful tip, or a weekly status update of your latest deals on Facebook can go a long way and can help to establish brand loyalty with your customers on the web.


+ Fan Page Creation

+ Custom Fan Page Design

+ 100+ Real Likes

+ Like Generator Creation

+ Daily Posting Service**


+ Business Account Creation

+ Custom Channel Design

+ 100+ Subscribers

+ 5 Custom Videos/Slideshows

+ 1000+ Views On Each Video


+ New Account Creation

+ Custom Profile Page

+ 100+ Real Followers

+ Facebook Syncronization

+ Daily Posting Service**

Video Marketing

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of potential customers use YouTube and other video hosting sites to search for products and services every day? 21 Zebras will take advantage of this market for you by using advanced video marketing methods to rank your video for keywords related to your industry. We can handle the entire process from creating the video to distributing it online.

Video Production

If you don't have any current video footage to display online, 21 Zebras can create professional quality videos for your business. We have all of the equipment and software necessary to complete the filming and post-production of the video. The best types of videos to use for video marketing are commercials, Q&A videos, informational videos and training videos.

Video Syndication & Optimization

After your videos have been created, it is important to put them to use. With professionally developed video marketing methods, we ensure that your video will get the exposure it needs. You will see your video pop up everywhere when we syndicate it to the top online video hosting websites. As the sydication process progresses, your website rankings will rise as well.

Website Creation

With the flexibility of wordpress, we are able to create many different sites to accommodate to your needs. We can offer a general business page for your customers to visit and find information, an ecommerce site to sell your goods online, a blog or portfolio to display your creativity, and any other type of site you can think of. We also offer many hosting options to choose from. We can set up the website to run on our servers, or we can help you through the process of setting up your own hosting account. The websites displayed in the slider below are just a few examples of sites our team created using Wordpress. If you would like more examples of our work, or to discuss what we can offer your business, send us an email or give us a call.


General Business Site

The purpose of a general business site is to establish an online presence in both the local and online community. 21 Zebras specializes in creating general business sites for any and all industries. A general business site is normally around 5-10 pages with information about the business, a contact page, a blog, and keyword specific pages to capture leads. When the initial keyword research is performed, we use the most profitable keywords and create pages on your website for each one. This allows us to target and rank each page for a specific keyword while maintaining 100% on-page optimization. Once the pages are created, we perform all the necessary off-site SEO tasks to rank your site among the top results. When the rankings lock in, your site will be one of the first results potential customers see when they type your keyword into Google.

E-Commerce Site

Do you want to take the next step when it comes to selling your product and open up an online store? 21 Zebras can create a Wordpress based e-commerce site for any product you want to sell online. Your site will be fully functional, including online payment capabilities so your customers can pay using popular online payment gateways. 21 Zebras believes in ease-of-use when dealing with our clients. Every site created by our team can be edited by you or other employees with ease. You will be able to add or remove products, change product descriptions, change product prices, and much more. We also offer full support and maintenance for every site we create, so you can sit back and relax while the money flows in.

Grow Your Online Presence